Photographing a photographers wedding makes one ultra considerate of all the details, and the need to make sure your client is happy! Erica is a wedding photographer in the Charlottesville area. I am so honored that she entrusted me with her wedding photography. She had the day so well planned, and she had a million beautiful details. 

Erica took the plunge and planned an ALL outdoor wedding. We were a little worried of rain earlier in the day, but we ended up with cloudy weather all day. Which is PERFECT for photos! Erica and Dusty (her groom) are both interested in vintage vehicles and that made for some awesome portraits! I loved the vintage mustang, the motorcycles, and the truck! I told Erica I felt like her wedding was a styled shoot. 

Erica and Dusty have a fun relationship filled with a lot of laughter, and yet a lot of understanding for each other. It was a complete joy to photograph this wedding! After this wedding and throughout the planning process I feel like Erica has become more of a friend than a client. It's so nice to work with such amazing and generous people. Erica started the wedding day off gifting me an engagement package filled with thoughtful gifts. It doesn't get much better than that!