It's so awesome how God works out the stories of different couples. I went to school with Megan's sisters in college, and my long time friends brother is Tyler. I was excited when I first heard that Megan and Tyler were dating, they quickly figured out that they were a great match for each other. They are now tying the knot in October! It's going to be a fun wedding! I'm pretty certain I can say that when it's time for family portraits I will know most of the family by first name! That's going to be so helpful and fun! 

I was thinking this week about what a lot of my brides have in common and I came up with creativeness and artistic ability. Megan is an artist through and through. She graduated recently with an art degree and she is particularly talented at making pottery. I know her wedding is going to be well thought out and beautiful! 

I loved the two locations Megan and Tyler picked for their session. Downtown Staunton offers so many great backdrop options, and you can't go wrong with an open field on family property near Sunset. So looking forward to celebrating with this adorable couple! Their joy and laughter was easy to capture.