Every time a photographer asks me to photograph their wedding I am always honored and humbled that they would trust my talent to take their pictures. Michelle is a photographer for a local newspaper that has won numerous awards for her work. She has also helped me photograph a few weddings as a second shooter. I was delighted to photograph Michelle and Jesse's Barren Ridge Wedding!

Michelle's favorite color is purple, as I'm sure you could see throughout the blog post. This color really tied the day together. Around the centerpieces at the reception table their were beautiful portraits of Michelle and Jesse together throughout the years. One in particular that stood out to me was a beach portrait of the couple that was gorgeous. I asked Michelle who took that for her, and she said, "Oh I just put my camera on a beach chair." How great is that?! Michelle is one of the sweetest, and happiest people I know. She is so down to earth, and simply a joy to be around. Her wedding day was so well planned.  Michelle and Jesse were very relaxed on their wedding day, I love that they were able to enjoy the day without letting stress get into the way. Michelle and Jesse, thank you for letting me photograph your wedding!